Executive Management Training & Education

CBR Biotech Strategies along with CBR International has been effective in building corporate teams by developing customized training for all areas of development (GMP, GLP, GCP, GCLP).

CBR Biotech Educates and Builds Teams by:

  • Analyzing technical, clinical and scientific staff needs
  • Assisting with targeted hiring as required
  • Optimizing resource utilization by specifically identifying “necessary” versus “nice-to-have” activities

CBR Biotech is “hands-on” as Demonstrated by:

  • Becoming part of the project/program teams to support with writing, research and key clinical requirements
  • Conducting audits to minimize regulatory risks and identify program or organizational needs
  • Working in the lab or facility to assist in method or process development and validation
  • Conducting site visits and “Real-Time Audits” of clinical study sites

CBR Biotech is Analytical and Strategic as Evidenced by:

  • Assisting clients with conducting critical assessment of programs and data
  • Developing clinical and regulatory strategy while considering the regulatory environment, competitor intelligence, and clinical feasibility
  • Proactively defining potential issues and providing alternative approaches and plans
  • Participating in partnerships, alliances, and due diligence (funding etc.)